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It is Enoy’s tribute to one of the most artistic, hardworking and intelligent bird “Bayaa-The weaver bird” known for their hanging retort shaped pendulous nests woven from leaves and twigs.

A widespread belief in India is that the baya sticks fireflies with mud to the nest walls to light up the interior of nest at night.

Craft Nakkashi, Uttar Pradesh
Material Pine wood (चीड़)
Technique Wood turning
Finish Natural Finish
Other info The products also includes 2 wire grippers, 1 bulb holder & 1.25mtr PVC electric cord.
Recommended 3W - 5W LED for mood lighting.
Diameter 5.5inch (approx.)
Height 16inch (approx.)
Clean with soft dry cloth preferably cotton cloth only. Pine wood is a soft wood; even the slight pressure applied can leave a mark on it. Avoid contact with water, in case of any water spillage over product; wipe it off immediately as water or any other liquid can stain the product. If not in use or for transportation, wrap it with butter paper.