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The Fudakiyas - set of 2 coasters

The Fudakiyas - set of 2 coasters
The Fudakiyas - set of 2 coasters
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Fudakiyas draw inspiration from avian family and represents the beautiful, adorable, lively & amp; lovable chirpy birds around us. Each Fudakiya is innovatively designed and artistically handcrafted by artisans with devotion of time and patience. The heritage craft of intricate wire inlay work further enhances their beauty & gives them their due elegance and makes them a unique piece of handicraft.

Craft Tarkashi, Uttar Pradesh
Material Rosewood (शीशम)
Technique Brass wire inlay in wood
Finish PU coat on top surface to make it heat, liquid and tarnish resistant.
Length 4.5inch
Width 4.0inch
Clean top surface with soft dry/ damp cloth preferably cotton cloth only, while clean the bottom surface with only dry cloth. Top surface is water resistant but avoid bottom surface contact with water, in case of any water spillage over product; wipe it off immediately as water or any other liquid can stain the product. If not in use or for transportation, wrap it with butter paper.