There are many ways to make your mom feel special, and one of these is by giving her a one-of-a-kind gift, like a handmade saree. Saree literally means ‘a strip of cloth’ in Sanskrit, and that is a fact, as it is actually a piece of unstitched fabric that you wrap around your body. However, the manner of wearing a saree is inspired by a flower with open petals. While this traditional Indian clothing has been worn for years, newer trends and designs keep it popular with many women around the world.




Handmade saree designs are timeless and never go out of style, and they feature coloured, embroidered, and stylish motifs that make the clothing versatile for ordinary and special occasions.





A handmade saree can be a DIY project, but it can become daunting when you lack the time, resources, or the skill to do it. In that case, consider buying a saree that is handmade by talented craftsmen from India. That way, you can be sure that your mom will receive only the best present made by the finest hands.




Look for a reputable online store that carries a wide array of authentic Indian handicrafts, and make sure it offers 24/7 support and a reliable free returns and exchange program.




The saree is typically four to nine yards long, and it can be draped over the body in different styles, usually according to your preference. One of the most common ways to wear a saree is by wrapping it around your waist, with the loose end draped over the shoulder.



The traditional Indian garment is often worn over a blouse with full or half sleeves, with a low neck, and gathered at the centre of the shoulder for easy adjustments. A handmade saree is a classy and elegant gift your mom can cherish, as it is practical and it is something she can wear as often as she wants.