To achieve a perfect element of lighting is the most important aspect of designing interiors. A play of light is the only thing needed to switch the aura of room. Lighting alone can affect the overall appeal of your home. A light fixture and its placement should offer a combination of functionality and elegance.


Talking about elegance, grace ...wood is one thing that hits the top of list. Wood is something that never ever goes out of trend, be it about light fixtures or any other aspect of home interior. The reason seems quite simple, It can easily play along with almost every home always adds up the feel of warmth and sophistication. It brings an element of nature to your interior envoirment.


Wood can give your home an earthy and timeless appeal, and can make you feel one with nature. When used in lamps, it creates a minimalist look that can go with any interior design. For a contemporary or modern look, think streamlined, simple shapes and designs. Another way to use them to achieve a classic and worldly look is to pair wood with bright colors. Lamps with a bold pattern or carving can add texture to a plain space.


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