Wish to showcase the little child inside you? Need a way to deck up with sophisticated, elegant yet

Cheeky designs?

Childishness and sophistication - they seem like to oppose poles in every sense, don’t they! But you can make these opposing poles meet, creating a one-of-its-kind look that will leave everyone in awe by channapatna lacquer ware. For more than one reason they are the perfect element to add to your personalization palette.


Channapatna: A small town located near Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, India. It’s known as gombegala Ooru in local dialect, which means the Land of Toys, as this town specializes in making lacquered wooden toys. These traditional channapatna toys from India have already carved out a reputation in international platform.

Origin of this art form can be traced back to a ruler with keen interest in wooden toys – “Tipu

sultan”, ruler of Mysore. He called artisans from Persia to train local artisans in the craft of making wooden toys. Vegetable dyes and different types of wood were used to create beautiful and enticingly colourful toys under this specific craft form. What makes this craft interesting is that artisans still follow the traditional methods and materials of toy making, hence they are eco-friendly and above all non-toxic as they still use only natural colours (turmeric, kumkum, indigo etc.)..…all this makes it quite ideal for kids too.

Despite being a known toy craft in international market, it has its own struggles to survive. Major one is to compete against Chinese toys, whose quality is definitely questionable by everybody but they come with quite cheaper price tags. To overcome this issue few brands like Studioenoy are diversifying this craft form to create charming pieces of jewellery and home décor (tableware, lightings etc.) Their philosophy is to add up minimalistic design component to the traditional craft while keeping its essence alive, so that the product maintains its handcraft attraction and is of functional value too.

So bring home the colours this season with studioenoy……