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About Us

Enoy / इनाय – one of the 108 names of the sun portrays brightness & purity, strength & endurance, glory & magnificence, the first being yet the youthful one.

Studio Enoy is an amalgamation of rich Indian culture, traditional craftsmanship and present modern context. The studio founder Bhavya Gupta, trained as an Accessory & Furniture designer at NIFT & CEPT University respectively; started this studio along with the master craftsmen from diverse parts of India. Soon Studio Enoy collaborated with Textile crafts clusters and Ms. Archismita Deb, trained Textile Designer from NIFT for its exclusive textiles range.

We believe that in this day and age, craft is the king that needs to be protected by the queen of modernity. A dash of modern ideas to the age-old techniques & traditions can do wonders. In an industry that runs and promotes ‘Fast Design’, Studio Enoy trusts in unique and vital thought driven ‘Slow Design’ that is not only ethical, but also supports well-being at all the levels -  individual, society and the natural environment.

We not only focus on creating new, unique products and expanding but always try to process, reflect, engage, evolve and then take each and every decision.

We design and create a myriad of Indian handicrafts and handlooms utilitarian products. Each product is handcrafted artistically by the masters of the age-old Indian traditional crafts; our products are infused with artisanal values, nostalgia, and a sense of place while being innovatively designed for a contemporary lifestyle.

We believe in reducing wastage to almost nada and whatever wastage results in one process, we try to use it as a raw material for another. We take ‘Recycling’ seriously.

An incredibly ethical sense of Studio Enoy lets the artisans be creative to their full potential by making them equal partners in the process and also compensating them fairly for their time, efforts and skills. In doing so, we together take a step to sustain, encourage and revitalize the centuries-old artistic traditions passed down from one generation to the other.